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1.Rider Safe Ready Beginner

Targeted at the rider who has just completed the Rider Safe Level 1, and are looking to do the level 2 course. Our program starts with Motorcycle Set Up. This is where we look at your motorcycle and adjust it to fit you, as you would adjust the seat in a car.

  • A brief discussion on basic maintenance of your bike and how to look after it.
  • Next you will be coached on the manoeuvres required for your level 2 Rider Safe Course.

Our instructors have had experience in presenting the Rider Safe Course and know how to help you master the techniques required to conquer the tight turns at slow speeds.

This is a 2 hour course and is usually conducted in a car park near you.

2. Intermediate Course Intermediate

The intermediate course is tailored for riders that are new, just returning to the world of Motorcycling or the experienced rider who wants to improve their skills in traffic and cornering. It is designed to take the skills presented at Rider Safe and advance them to real world conditions.

Course Format
  • Bike Set up. We will help you adjust the bike to fit you.
  • Suspension
  • Personal Protection
  • Street Strategies
  • Advanced Braking : How to use them effectively.
  • Cornering : Getting the bike safely around a corner.

Where applicable the bikes ergonomics and suspension will be adjusted to fit the rider. A discussion on suspension and ergonomics is presented to ensure the student understands the changes that have been made.

The topics of personal protective gear and street strategies are presented so the students can get a better appreciation of their presence on the road and how they can increase their ability to be seen.

The course then moves to Eagle on the hill for the practical component of the course.

Demonstrations on the application of street strategies are conducted on the way.

The practical component of the course consists of emergency braking, allowing the student to gain control and confidence with the front brake under a controlled condition, this is followed by exercises in cornering, bike control & body position.

3. Advanced Course Advanced

After completing the intermediate course, you will get invited to participate in the Advanced Cornering Course.

It is important that you have attended the Intermediate course and are comfortable with the techniques presented.

This course is designed to take the skills presented in the intermediate course and advance them to the next level. This course focuses on

  • body position
  • set up
  • timing
  • throttle control
  • and joining multiple corners

to identify the optimum line.

The course starts at where we will revise the cornering techniques presented in the intermediate course, there is a module on advanced braking where we also start to look at the off-brake control. The course then progress up to Lobethal where we will focus on increased body position, timing, throttle control and choosing the optimum line through a series of corners. The training rout consists of speed limits of 60 to 100km so adequate motorcycle specific clothing is compulsory.

4. Maintenance Course Group

This course is ideal for any one considering purchasing a second hand motorcycle, possibly saving you from expensive repair bills. You can buy with confidence. And the rider that wants to know more about the machine they are riding, be able to understand what the mechanic is talking about, or if you just want to do your own maintenance.

*This is a Basic maintenance course*
Course Format
  • Introduction to tools- (how to use them) what you need
  • Reference material- where to access it and terminology
  • Paddock Stands- Putting your bike on stands
  • Removing Fairings
  • Cleaning- Radiators, chains, adjusting and aligning the chain.
  • Lunch tea coffee water are provided

  • Changing oil & filter
  • Changing coolant
  • Changing brake fluid
  • Changing brake pads
  • Changing air filter / cleaning high performance filters
  • Lubricating fork seals
  • Discussion on suspension- Inspection & servicing
  • Discussion on setting valve clearances- Major servicing

  • Removing Front wheel & replacing
  • Removing Rear wheel & replacing

5. One on One Motorcycle training Beginner Intermediate Advanced

One on training is a 4 hour course specifically tailored to the riders requirements.

We will listen to your story and develop a training package specific to your needs. Whether you are at the extreme basic level. (Have completed Rider Safe Level 1) have absolutely no confidence on the road. To the experienced rider that wants to nail that technique that they saw on you tube but just can’t get it right.

6. CRUISER TRAINING Advanced Group

Cruiser training is to Cruisers only. It is exactly the same as the intermediate course just tailored to the unique style of the cruiser. We often run courses for various hog chapters so talk to your president about booking your very own club training course.

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