The learner driving process can create confusion for parents and students. Here is some basic information on the Graduated Licensing System "GLS".

Obtaining your Provisional License

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  • You must be at least 17 years of age
  • You must have held a learners permit for 12 months
  • You must achieve a Certificate of Competency (Awarded upon completing either VORT or CBT)
  • You must have completed 75 hours of supervised driving (15 night & 60 day)

Achieving a Certificate of Competency

This certificate is issued to Learner Drivers when they have either successfully passed the Vehicle On Road Test (VORT)
successfully completed all 30 Tasks of the Competency Based Training (CBT)

Vort or CBT? So which is best for me?

VORT is usually for students that have completed 75hrs and are very competent drivers. It is an assessment of the student's competency in traffic. Reverse Parallel Park, Angle Park, U Turn, 3 Point Turn and Moving off from the Curb are included. To be successful the students will need a final score of 90%. A failure will require the students to wait 14 days before they can rebook a repeat test. This is a Very Strict Test and most students will require a number of lessons to prepare for it.

CBT is better for students that have just started their driving. It is a process of 26 tasks and 4 review tasks, these tasks can be found in the Yellow Section of the Drivers Companion (Log Book) and can only be completed by an Accredited Instructor (Yellow Band with CBT&A-C on the Instructors License). CBT is often preferred by Learner drivers as they maintain the same instructor from start to finish.

Why to choose RADSKILLS?

RADSKILLS have developed a Structured Course for both the VORT and CBT&A processes, tailored to fit the student's needs and abilities. Our greatest success is with early intervention. We have found that if we can start training before the Supervising Driver we can help both the Learner and Supervising Driver achieve a higher level in a shorter period of time. This approach is often better for the Learner and the Supervising Driver as we do all the ground breaking scary bits. This eliminates a lot of anxiety for the Learner and less stress for their Supervisor. By including the Supervising Driver in the lessons we can build a better relationship between the Supervising Driver and the Learner.

Our philosophy at RADSKILLS is that you are not contracting us to issue a licence. You are contracting us to build a safe competent driver for life. Good drivers don't happen by accident.