Driving a manual car can be a daunting task without professional training.

RADSKILLS Manual Training Course

  • RADSKILLS have developed a 3 part training program, for people wishing to master the complexities for a manual vehicle. We will introduce you to the clutch and friction points, gear changing, hill starts, selecting appropriate gears for cornering, braking and of course gap selection and managing traffic lights.
  • We understand that some of our students only have access to a manual vehicle to practice in and have modified our popular course to incorporate an extra 3 modules specifically for manual training.
  • The lessons will start in an automatic before introducing our student to the manual, In the early stages of a drivers development the driver will spend 70% of their attention on the clutch and gears and only 30% on the traffic situations. This is why we start in the automatic first to allow the student time to become competent with driving the vehicle before adding the complexities of a manual transmission.