Our Recent Google Reviews

Enjoyed a great day with the Women 2 Wheels group and Jeff coaching us on the bikes. A very well run day, thanks Jeff. I will be back for more!

Pamela Drew

Attended the motorcycle maintenance course today. Professionally run and tailored to my every need. Topics outside the course were even covered. Everything from tips on general housekeeping of the bike to even how your tyres can be a good indicator on wether your suspension may need adjustment. Was never assumed I asked a stupid question and took alot away from the course. Highly recommend and well worth the money.

Benjamin Smith

Hi jeff thanks for the amazing coaching at mallala on sat. made huge gains in my times and corrected my body positioning, breathing and braking! awesome work mate thanks :)

Ben Carey

Even on a group ride coaching day, Jeff was able to focus on individual people and their riding needs. He made it a fun, informative and confidence boosting day for each of us!! :D

Josie Booker

Really friendly, great advice, work in both theory and practical areas providing a great overall learning experience. Would thoroughly recommend.

Joe Finley

Friendly and professional, If you want to sharpen your skills, or are new to motorcycle riding Radskills will help you. Very calm and positive I could not have asked for any better training. Cheers.

Chris Calvert

Very knowledgable and got so much out of our conversations regarding motorbike riding and safety

Cazz Priest

The skill of Jeff as a teacher, his knowledge and patience and great sense of humour will make this the best $$$ ever spent ibs qdbdf you ride a motorbike.

Carey Trundle

Excellent and informative - that is what RADskills is.

Mary Knightsriders

Highly recommend Jeff and RADskills for motorbike riding lessons!! He's also a supplier for custom riding leathers with hundreds of color, design and armor options which can be fully customized and made to measure. Very happy!

Beckz Ess

Top quality motorbike training package here, Jeff listened to find out exactly what I needed and tailored the session to meet that. I picked up some good knowledge on bike maintenance and set-up, hazard awareness, cornering and emergency braking. Top value for dollar, 10/10 would recommend to any beginner to intermediate bikers

Rowan Carroll

Jeff at Radskills did a superb job of teaching me to drive a manual car, and in record time as well. I had ridden motorcycles for many years, but never driven a car at all. Jeff took me from complete novice to licensed driver in 30 days. His teaching style was calm, logical and clever. He helped me understand the various concepts of driving and observing, in a confidence inspiring manner. His course is thorough, and gave me the right lessons in the right order I needed, to successfully build the skills to pass the VORT test first time. I highly recommend Radskills to anyone looking for the most professional and comprehensive driving lessons.

Carbon Rumsey

Recently we did the Level 1 Radskills Motorcycle Course.Jeff covered the setup of our bikes and how to make them better suit the rider. This makes them more comfortable and easier to ride.We discussed clothing and street strategies to make riding for us safer.Covered techniques on how to use braking and cornering. Thank you for an informative and enjoyable day. Richard and Christobel Treloar

Christobel Treloar

Booked my partner in for one on one motorcycle training, in one lesson she learnt more than in her 18 months of riding and she is looking forward to having regular lessons, getting ready for her P's and then regular lessons after that. Jeff from RADskills is very professional, well prepared and extremely knowledgeable. I'm an experienced rider in many disciplines, I know what to look for when it comes to motorcycle training and Jeff is the best road instructor I have ever come across. He has coached a fellow racer who has grown leaps and bounds with his coaching. I am extremely happy with how he instructed my partner and look forward to doing business with RADskills again.

Brock Harley